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                Add:No.1,East 2nd Xinxing Road Rongcheng,jieyang,Guangdong,China.

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                  Guangdong Rongtai Industry Co., Ltd., approved by Guangdong People's Government, was set up on December 25, 1997. In June 2001, the company made its IPO of A share in China and became a listed member (Named Guangdong Rongtai. Stock code: 600589) of Shanghai Stock Exchange. Now, the company's total capital and net capital is about RMB 820 million and RMB 620 million respectively, and the estimated sale value in 2005 will achieve RMB 1000 million.
                  The company is a state key hi-tech enterprise affirmed by the Ministry of Science and Technology. The company produces and sells new chemical materials and their products mostly, and does research & development of high polymer composite. The company owns 3 plants (a chemical solvent plant, a chemical material plant, a melamine ware plant), a research institute, an engineering and technology research & development center(province grade), a enterprise technology center (province grade), and a postdoctoral programme.
                  The company set up and actualized the quality & environment supervisory system, and has obtained ISO 9001/ISO 14001 Certificates in June 2003, also obtained green pass of international management.
                  At present, the company'smainproducts and capacity: 60,000 tons/year of ML composite (amino polymer compound), 20, 000 tons/year of phthalic anhydride. 50,000 tons/year of plasticizer (DOP, DBP),20, 000 tons/year of formaldehyde, 5,000 tons/year of urotropine, 6,000 tons/year of melamine ware and , 20, 000 tons/year of LG bright resin powder.